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International Caries Detection and Assessment System (ICDAS II)

D.D.S. Marcelo Alberto Iruretagoyena

Restoration, sealant and tooth missing code.

0 Sound: i.e. surface not restored or sealed

(use with the codes for primary caries)


Sealant, partial

2 Sealant, full

3 Tooth colored restoration

4 Amalgam restoration

5 Stainless steel crown

6 Porcelain or gold or PFM crown or veneer
7 Lost or broken restoration.
8 Temporary restoration
9 0
Implant performed for dental loss due to other causes


9 1 Implant performed for tooth decay
9 2
Dental bridge loss due to other causes

9 3 Dental bridge loss due to tooth decay
9 6 Tooth surface cannot be examined: surface excluded.

9 7 Tooth missing because of caries

(tooth surfaces will be coded 97)

9 8

Tooth missing for reasons other than caries

(all tooth surfaces will be coded 98)

9 9 Unerupted (tooth surfaces coded 99)

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